Mateusz ​Pitala

figure on the rock [2020]

video, 11 min, Mateusz Pitala, Monika Raźny

The video is a documentation of a place found in Genoa, in northern Italy. It depicts a figure located on a high rock, at the open sea, near the coast.

The video shows the str angeness of the situation. It observes the traces of human civilisation left behind in the landscape. The camera looks persistent at the scene, trying to understand the role of the figure in this place, its origin or purpose. It records the changing light and waves that show the scene in various appearances. From a dramatic and frightening to a calm and even contemplative place. Observation evokes a hypnotic mood without explaining the situation.

There was an information board nearby, that probably used to explain the meaning of the place, but it w as destroyed.

stills from video: