Mateusz ​Pitala

figures [2019–2020]

video, 6 min, Mateusz Pitala, Monika Raźny

The video documents four figures found in two European cities: Genoa and Zurich.

The camera movement searches for new perspectives of looking at the observed objects and building the relationship with them. The zooms in and repetitions are studying the fragments of the forms, searching for their meaning. The camera observes details: hands gestures, clothing, traces of damage and gazes of the figures, repeatedly coming back to the eye contact. At times the camera interferes almost physically with the recorded objects.

The sound was recorded at the places where the figures are located. It evokes their surrounding and its character. It also exposes the process of recording, disclosing the sounds of equipment used.

Figures is a confrontation with the forms from the past that are elements of the contemporary landscape. The relicts of time and order that no longer works. The time when a man created the forms in the image of himself and placed them above the landscape in the gesture of power and superiority . What is the relation between them and the ones that look at them? Do they still have any impact on presentness?

stills from video: